How does it work?

Analytical Hypnotherapy employs psychoanalytical techniques to unearth childhood difficulties and psychic conflict. It is based on the idea that we all have come from our past, and the subconscious mind operates through past learnt beliefs, ideas, and effects. Through unravelling these, the subconscious can rethink what it learnt during formative years. This can have profound effects on your symptoms in the here and now. Positive ideas can then take permanent root.

Different from Counselling? Well yes. With Counselling people can often talk logically around their problem for years. The Subconscious works differently from the Conscious mind. It interacts with your world each moment of your day. It can trigger emotions from your childhood in the "here and now". Have you ever felt like a 6-year-old at the Christmas party? or maybe you over react at times and do not understand what is happening? or maybe your relationship feels unbalanced?

Will I have to open up to my Therapist about painful experiences? If you wish to move forward more quickly, then yes this will help. However, you must be in a safe and comfortable place to do this. Make sure you feel comfortable talking to your Therapist before you book in. Phone and have all your queries answered.

This Analytical approach, with the use of Hypnosis as a tool, is one way that Anne Bryson differentiates herself from the crowd. Providing effective, and long-lasting changes to an individual's life.

What can Hypnotherapy treat?

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