"How strange! Never good at Art at school and yet I found the course riveting. I have finally made a good decision for me that I hope will change my life greatly. Stopped pontificating!! Thank you" Tony, Suffolk

"Anne guided me to get over a wasp phobia! Something that was becoming extremely dangerous for me as I lost all rational thought and nearly caused a few unnecessary accidents! Now the phobia is gone I’m also off all my anxiety medication as I have the tools to deal with my fears! Highly recommend." Josh

"Having Therapy with Anne helped me to work through my past traumas and gain a new perspective on life. her understanding nature helped me to open up and feel relaxed. I highly recommend Anne to anyone looking for a Therapist." Simon, Holland-on-Sea

" Thank you for helping to get my life back on track. I no longer spend energy obsessed with dieting. That energy is now focused on developing my career, and improving my fitness levels. I now go to the gym when I can and also have started running again. I am now free from obsessing about my size and funnily enough I have gradually lost weight. I still have a way to go but am now going in the right direction.” Sarah, Ipswich.

“Thank you for your help, just a few sessions and I have passed my shorthand exam. Along the way you have helped me understand myself better, and realise that taking care of myself is crucial to my future success." Jamie, Great Bentley.

"Hi Anne Just to let you know that I am 'behind the wheel again'. I said to myself you've got to do this and last Tuesday I did. I adjusted the seat and mirrors and we went round our local roads 4 times then I went further. It felt so good to drive again and I wasn't nervous at all. So I've done small roundabouts, large roundabouts. I owe my new found confidence to you but Thanks doesn't seem enough, but I hope you know how very grateful I am. I shall always think of you as the 'lady with the lovely voice'. My sincere thanks Sue (car accident lady).

"After the birth of my first baby being quite traumatic, finding out I was pregnant with my second baby made me feel overwhelmed, anxious and terrified of going through childbirth again. My birthing experience with my first born was a very long and complicated birth which ended in an emergency c section. There were complications that could've been avoided if I had of been listened to during the birthing process but due to it being my first experience of child birth I was also unsure of what was right and wrong. I did some research and discovered hypnotherapy (hypnobirthing) this is when I found Anne Bryson.

I had my initial meeting with Anne who is a very caring and experience lady who put me at ease within ten minutes of being in her company and instantly I knew that she was going to be able to help me. Over the course of my 1-2-1 sessions with Anne she taught me all about the way our body's work in the birthing process which helped me to understand how important it is to keep calm and relaxed during your birthing process, which unfortunately hadn't been the case the first time round. She taught me breathing techniques, the different stages of labour and how to listen to my body and my baby. I felt so prepared and ready for the birth of my second child all my fears and worries had completely gone. My second birth was amazing and so smooth and I will be forever grateful to Anne. I would recommend Anne to any expectant mother." Jade, Colchester

“I feel much more positive than I have done in recent years and I feel like I have finally binned all the baggage I have been through. I have found a permanent job. Thank you for your help, and I will be recommending you to people I feel could benefit from your help. All the Best.” Ruth, Colchester

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