Online Art Hypnotherapy

Are you confused, or feeling unbalanced? The Art Therapy online course is a brilliant way to easily, therapeutically resolve inner conflict. For example, resolving dilemmas, easing relationships, taking the right fork in the road, feel confident about your future path………………

You don’t have to be ‘good at Art’. No artistic or drawing ability is required. The course is based on you taking pen, felt pens, crayons, pastels, paint to paper whilst in a very relaxed state of mind. Put on paper whatever appears, matchstick people, colour, squiggles, jottings, words, sketches, all of these can be the key to unravelling your subconscious dilemmas.

A quiet place to relax IS ESSENTIAL.

I will help you interpret your jottings. This will help boost your confidence, assist you to be more creative in your life in the future.

Course structure

5 home-study modules with tutor assistance throughout

Course content

Art Hypnotherapy Online Course Overview:

Module 1 – Art Hypnotherapy Defined

Module 2 – Your Inner Self

Module 3 – Your Life

Module 4 – Your Relationships

Module 5 – Your New Life

Course fee:

Special Price £250 with 5 sessions with myself to guide you to interpret your drawings.

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